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About Me


Just Who Is Simon?

Maybe surprising to some but my name actually is Simon, in fact I’m an English expat who has lived in Chicago for the last 20 years.

Simon Cez may seem a little egotistical but I am tired of being SOLD TO, TALKED DOWN TO, and BULL SHITTED, so thought I would create my own little soap box and say my piece.


Simon Cez will be about my experiences and opinions, which are neither Republican, Democrat, Conservative or Labor influenced, I am an independent and proud of it, I will not be put in a box and yes I will complain and call you out when i see and hear BULL!

Online Marketing

Yes I am one of those “Online Marketers” but this blog is not going to focus on marketing but more about truth in marketing, I will provide some reviews of products I use or have experienced but I don’t and won’t blindly promote a bunch of  Clickbank  garbage.

Beware Internet Marketing Colleagues – I will call you out by name if you send me crap over hyped garbage just because i am on your list, money isn’t worth your reputation & if it is then I don’t want to be associated with you!


Yes I am disillusioned which is probably the motivation for starting Simon Cez, I have no intention however for it to turn into a depressing rant, more a take no prisoners editorial on life from my prospective.


Life should be fun but sometimes circumstances can overshadow the good stuff, when that happens I listen to Monty Pythons – Bright Side of Life or Louis Armstrong’s – Wonderful World, they should put a smile on your face for a couple of minutes.

I will also be adding a Fun Category for some of  the Clips & Jokes I am sent daily I hope you are not easily offended 🙂


I hope you enjoy my blog, you will learn allot more about me from my my postings



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