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Obama Care – Success or Failure?


President Obama has gone on the offensive to protect Obama Care.

He claims that with 8 million people signed up & 30 percent of them under 35 the Affordable Care Act ( Obama Care) is a resounding success & the Republicans should quit talk of repeal because it is working.

We need to ask why does he care what the Republicans are saying? If its working let it speak for itself.

WELL ITS NOT – Obama Care is a DISASTER – 8 million! There are over 300 Million people in the USA, nearly 200 million of which are over 21. Now even if we say they are all married leaving 150 million & 2/3 of them are privately insured which is a stretch to say the least, success would be 50 million or more.
It says allot of the man when he claims 8 million is such a success that Obama Care is now untouchable. Lets wait & see just how many people pay their first, second & third insurance payments.

I know from personal experience that i have 30% higher premiums & higher deductibles just to maintain the same coverage, if the rest of working America is similar then the cost of jobs & living standards will classify Obama’s Presidency as the worse in US history.

God Save Us ALL

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