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The Good Fiscal Cliff


You won’t hear any pundits saying that falling over the fiscal cliff is “Good News” but why not?

The USA needs to stop spending too much!

Previously to kick the reverential can down the road the Republicans And Democrats agreed to spending cuts and tax raises that unless you are a conspiracy theorist  neither side wanted.

Now a case could be made that this is the easiest way to raise taxes without breaking a promise to Grover Norquist or cut spending without offending any special interests, but if we are to believe the rhetoric neither side wants this to happen.

As an average working tax paying citizen falling over the fiscal cliff is THE BEST thing that can happen.

America simply cannot afford to spend money it doesn’t have so cutting benefits and special interest programs is essential. Don’t we teach our own children to save for things they want? Quite simply if you cannot afford it you cannot have it!

On the other hand your representatives should be answerable to you not Grover Norquist,  if raising taxes is the right thing to do to pay your creditors or pay down the debt then it needs raising.

It seems to me the fiscal cliff burns both sides so for once we actually get a compromise, yes its going to smart a little but everyone needs to tighten their belts if the USA is to reclaim the #1 spot.

America needs to work but not for tax dollars, government generated jobs are “temporary jobs” any future stimulus spending should encourage America to invest in the future of America with new equipment, technology & jobs.

So Simoncez


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