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Windows 8 Disaster


OK more fool me for buying the latest greatest touch screen laptop with Windows 8.

What a joke Windows 8 was designed for tablets & phones NOT laptops or PC’s if you are thinking of getting a new PC get an older one with Windows 7 or buy & install Windows 7 instead of 8.

Quite literally Windows 8 is a disaster Apps take over the screen & need sweeping away (no – , + or x) try sweeping on a mouse pad. No start button, no easy way to access your docs, just forget it if you want a windows experience, a Mac is closer & easier to set up.

8.1 is just as bad & using Shell to replicate Windows 7 is a poor compromise, either get a PC with 7 or buy a Mac.

Just my opinion but make the mistake of buying Windows 8 & you will regret it, its nothing like the in program advertising Microsoft are using.

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